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What is worked glass?

Worked glass refers to glassblowing techniques to create specific designs and images, such as honeycombs, wigwags, and reversals. Each of these techniques can take years to truly master.


What are silicone storage containers used for?

Silicone storage containers are used for containing your sticky essential oils in a nonstick jar.


What is the difference between a water pipe and an oilrig?

A water pipe and oilrig is essentially the same thing, just geared toward either herbal use or for use with essential oils. Any water pipe can be converted to an oilrig and vice versa. Generally, smaller water pipes are often setup as rigs, with larger…


What is fuming?

Fuming is the process of heating precious metals, such as gold or silver, and releasing the metal’s fumes onto the glass, which results in glass that will “change colors” as you use your pipe.


What is dichro?

Dichro, or dichroic glass, is glass treated with metal oxides to give it a multicolored and reflective look.


What is electroforming?

Electroforming is an industrial process used on many glass pieces, where through electrophoretic disposition, glass pieces are given a copper/bronze metal coating.


What is shisha?

Shisha is a tobacco blend that is mixed with molasses that is used in a hookah. Shisha, unlike cigarettes, are made up only of natural substances, and there is a vast array of shisha blends and flavors, from fruity to creamy.


How does a herbal vaporizer work?

An herbal vaporizer works by truly vaporizing your ground materials. It does this by heating the chamber to a temperature just below the point of combustion. This results in the active ingredients converting into a smokeless vapor. With vaporization not combusting your material, you can…


What is boro glass?

Borosilicate glass, or boro for short, is a type of glass that is known for having low coefficients of thermal expansion. Meaning that this glass is more resistant to shock, more so than any other glass.


How does an electric nail work?

An electric nail is a nail that is attached to a analog or digital controller, where you can select the exact temperature of your nail- without the hassle of having to fill and use a torch.

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